Hanover HEART

Hanover HEART – our customer scrutiny panel.

Anyone can get involved in customer engagement at a national level. A customer panel called Hanover HEART provides the opportunity for customers to work together with staff to consider how Hanover services are delivered and make recommendations for change or improvement.

HEART stands for Honest, Empowered, Accountable, Representative and Trusting and these qualities mirror Hanover’s core values.

HEART has travelled far in the time since its first training session in March 2017. HEART’s role is to review, as ‘critical friends’, the performance and delivery of services by Hanover. This means that it collects and examines information to allow services to be reviewed and evaluated. It works in partnership and co-operation with Hanover to improve service performance, and make informed recommendations to senior managers and Hanover’s Board.

HEART members have all signed a code of conduct, which sets out the professional behaviour and attitudes expected of each Panel member, in relation to each other and Hanover staff and Board members.

A selection process and full, independent training is required for customers who would like to be part of Hanover Heart. Meetings take place at accessible venues and, to maximise customer involvement, modern conference technologies can be used where necessary.

The Virtual Panel will be an advisory group to the Customer Panel for those who do not wish to attend Customer Panel meetings. This is where any findings, documentation and information could be sent to a person for their comments. People could take part without leaving home!

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