Rent Consultation 2022-23


Your opinion really matters to us and we want to know what your thoughts are on our proposed rent increase for 2022/23. Several factors are considered when setting a rent increase and that includes what is important to you and what you think the priorities should be. We will be launching a new 5 year strategy in 2022 and will take the opportunity to refresh the priorities we have by consulting with you.

When setting our rent we consider how much costs have risen during the year. A number of factors such as salary costs, fuel increase and cost pressures as a result of BREXIT and general inflationary increases are not within our control.  You can find more details on the proposed options and the background for our decisions in our consultation booklet.

If you rent your home from Hanover you have three options for responding to our consultation, you can e-mail us at or return the freepost card that was posted to you with your consultation document.


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