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Looking after your finances

Maximising your income

Are you getting all the money and financial support you are entitled to? Below are some agencies that can assist you with maximising your income.

Financial health check

The first thing to do is get a financial health check. Citizens Advice Scotland have a Money Map service that can help you find sources of online support to increase your income, reduce your bills and ease the costs of daily living. You can access this service online at

Benefits check

You may consider carrying out a benefit check to ensure that you are receiving all the welfare benefits you may be entitled to. This process is simple, takes 5-10 minutes and can be carried out online. We recommend using the calculator at or

If you do not have access to the internet please call Hailie Johnston, Welfare Rights Officer on 0131 370 7457 for assistance.

Help managing your finances

Money and debt management is a regulated service and must be carried out by qualified individuals. To qualify for energy grants, it is expected that you have received some form of advice from a recognised agency.

If you would like advice about money and debt, you can get help from:

Advice Direct Scotland freephone 0808 800 9060
Christians Against Poverty freephone 0800 328 0006
Citizens Advice Scotland freephone 0800 028 1456
National Debtline freephone 0808 808 4000

Food insecurity

Foodbanks provide boxes of food donated by the public for those finding it difficult to feed themselves and their families. If you need emergency food supplies, please contact your local council or visit your local Citizens Advice Bureau to be referred to a foodbank in your area.

Social Security Scotland Updates

The Scottish Government’s next benefit, Adult Disability Payment (ADP), opened for new applications from 29 August 2022. This new payment, to be administered by Social Security Scotland, will replace Personal Independence Payment (PIP), which is currently delivered by the UK Government’s Department for Work and Pensions (DWP).

Adults of working age (66 and under) with a disability or health condition, who are not already receiving PIP or Disability Living Allowance (DLA) should now apply for the Adult Disability Payment going forward. Individuals already receiving PIP or DLA do not need to apply for Adult Disability Payment.
Their awards will be transferred automatically to the new Scottish system from August 2022, with no break in entitlement or payment. Disability Living Allowance for Children is also being replaced with the Child Disability Payment if the child is aged 16 or under.

Their awards will be transferred automatically to the new Scottish system with no break in entitlement or payment.

Given this significant change, Social Security Scotland have advisors across Scotland who can provide face to face support to help you complete either of these applications. You can call them free on 0800 182 2222 to find out more or you can complete an online application for the Adult Disability Payment at or the Child Disability payment at

Scottish Child Payment

Scottish Child Payment is available to families who live in Scotland, get certain benefits or payments, and contains the main carer for a child under the age of 16.

The payment has increased from £20 to £25 a week and is paid every 4 weeks. About 407,000 children are in families eligible. The parents and guardians can apply for the benefit whether or not they work, and are eligible if they receive Universal Credit, Child Tax Credit, Working Tax Credit and income based Jobseeker’s Allowance (JSA).

To apply, visit or call Social Security Scotland on 0800 182 2222. Applicants need to provide their national insurance number, bank details and personal details about themselves and their families. You do not need to apply again if you are already receiving the benefit.

Scottish Welfare Fund

The Scottish Welfare Fund helps families and people in Scotland who are on low incomes through Crisis and Community Care Grants. You can apply for a:

Crisis Grant – if you’re in financial crisis, you may be able to access emergency funds for essential living costs such as food and heating.

Community Care Grant – to help you or someone you care for to start to live, or to carry on living, a settled life in the community. Examples of items you may be awarded are furniture, white goods and removal costs.

To find out more or make an application, visit to find contact details of your local fund. Alternatively, you can contact your Local Authority direct, and they will complete an application over the telephone.



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