In October 2017, Arklet Housing Association (formerly the Glasgow Jewish Housing Association) advertised for expressions of interest from fellow Registered Social Landlords (RSL) that wanted to merge. Essentially, Arklet were seeking a partner Association which could provide the resources – both financial and capacity – to ensure their tenants had secure futures.

Hanover was not actively seeking a merger with another RSL, but was attracted to the possibilities of working with Arklet.  There was already a rich history between the associations, with both RSLs working on developments in the Glasgow area. There was also an alignment of culture and values, with a shared focus on improving quality of life for older people.

During the consultation period, the merger was overwhelming supported by members, with 98% in favour and, in November 2019, the merger was completed.

As part of the negotiations leading up to the merger, Hanover agreed to resource the research and publication of a history of Arklet, from its time as in informal association helping the Jewish population of Glasgow to find quality housing, to the establishment of the Glasgow Jewish Housing Association, to the creation of Arklet and eventually the merger with Hanover.

The broad aim of this work was to preserve the unique history of Arklet and its early role in supporting the Jewish community in Glasgow and later the wider community in the local area.

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