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Hanover’s Board celebrates our 40th

The chief executive, chair and board of Hanover Scotland has celebrated the organisation’s 40th anniversary.

Over the 40 years since it was created, the housing association has been at the forefront of providing innovative care and housing to meet varying needs and supporting residents to experience full and active lives.

Since its creation, Hanover Scotland has:

  • Developing progressive models of housing for older people
  • Become a leader in Telecare Services
  • Encouraged innovative housing design
  • Pioneered new models of tenure and services

Hanover will continue to adapt to the ever-changing world, from changes in demographics, expectations of residents and staff and technological advancements.

Over the coming years, residents can expect increase say and control over services, further modernisation of our housing, initiatives with new technology to deliver better services and innovative measures to encourage and promote active lifestyle.

Helen Murdoch, chief executive of Hanover Scotland, said: “I am very proud that Hanover Scotland has reached this 40-year milestone. Over a span of 40 years of unprecedented change and challenge, Hanover has always stepped up to meet these in innovative and creative ways. We have a drive for quality which means we never stand still.

“We are proud to have served and helped improve the lives of our residents over the past 40 years and we are confident that this will continue into the next 40 years. I feel so strongly that it is not just about having a roof over your head: it is about helping older people develop a deep sense of belonging, by continuing to help eliminate isolation and loneliness, providing good quality homes, then building that belonging in, by creating, supporting and connecting residents with vibrant local communities.”

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