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Hanover’s Fuel Funds

In response to the current Cost-of-Living challenges, our Welfare Rights service has focused on developing financial support for our customers, where most needed. This has included producing information leaflets, training Housing/Admin Officers to assist with customer benefit checks and our Fuel Support Funds.

Since April 2022, our Welfare Rights Officer has distributed £143,573.00 to customers through various fuel funds, partly funded through grants and the remainder donated by Hanover.

Further hardship funding will be available throughout the year, and we are working with Housing Officers to identify those in need.

Please contact your Housing Officer if you are experiencing hardship due to energy costs or email for further assistance. From Monday 17th April, you can also apply directly to the Fuel Fund via this online form.  

All customers can apply, but priority will be given to individuals who have not previously accessed funding from Hanover.

Our hardship grants are paid directly into your bank account to ensure that customers can access the funding without the administrative costs associated with vouchers and alternative schemes.

Please be aware that due to data protection laws, we may need to contact you directly to confirm your bank details, even if we already hold these for other purposes.

Hanover’s welfare rights service will continue to seek and apply for available grants and funding to support customers.

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