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Home For You | Joint Allocation Policy and System Update  

Joint update from Bield, Hanover and Trust

Bield, Hanover and Trust have been working in partnership since 2007 in relation to the allocation of a proportion of our properties across Scotland.  After thoughtful consideration and collaborative discussions between our organisations, we have decided to pursue separate paths.  This will allow us to better reflect our strategic priorities to support our customers which have evolved and diverged since the establishment of the partnership.

Bield, Hanover and Trust will now be embarking on independent journeys to develop our own allocations policies and systems to tailor it for our customers.  From April 2024, Home For You will no longer be used jointly by the three organisations to deliver housing options for applicants.  Work is underway at Bield and Trust to develop new systems, linked to our respective Housing Management Systems, which will be available from early next year.  Hanover will continue to use the Home for You platform for a period of time to allow a full review of their allocations policy and the selection of a new system.

We understand that our collaborative working has enabled us to grow, work and shape our individual pathways, ensuring that our customers’ allocation journey is at the heart of what we do.  Whilst we will no longer share the same platform, we will remain in close contact regarding our allocation processes and open to opportunities for collaboration again in the future.  We believe this is the right decision for our respective current and future customers and the working relationships between Bield, Hanover and Trust remain positive and productive.

We are committed to ensuring a smooth transition for our current and future customers.  We will be working closely together over the coming months to achieve this and involving our customers in the consultation process.


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