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Learning at Work Week 2024

Learning at Work Week 2024 at Hanover was a resounding success, offering employees a fantastic opportunity to learn, connect, and evolve together as an organisation. Over the course of the week, employees had the chance to participate in a large number of diverse learning sessions, covering a broad spectrum of topics designed to enhance both personal and professional growth.

The sessions included practical learning on personal effectiveness, providing tools and strategies to improve productivity and work-life balance. Another key focus was managing change, equipping employees with the skills to navigate and thrive in an ever-evolving workplace environment. Additionally, the issue of imposter syndrome was addressed, helping attendees build confidence and overcome self-doubt in their professional roles.

The learning was delivered by a mixture of providers, including Hanover peers and external experts.


Overall, Learning at Work Week 2024 was a tremendous opportunity for Hanover employees to engage in meaningful learning experiences, strengthen their skills, and build stronger connections with colleagues. It exemplified our commitment to continuous learning and professional development, ensuring that we grow together as a dynamic and innovative organisation.

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