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New Horizons

Death is one side of a coin, the other is new beginning so taking this on board, I decided in my early 70s to relocate to another area.  Knowing the importance of meeting with ‘likeminded’ people, my first task was to identify which of various organisations appealed to me.  The Opportunities in Retirement (OIR) in the area catered for those wishing ‘activities’ and was well subscribed. The University of the Third Age (U3A) offered more cerebral pursuits. Both of these help keep ‘mental stagnation’ at bay.

Then someone recommended Strathclyde University who offer courses for over 55s.  I attended their Open Enrolment Day. It was truly amazing and exciting to meet and mingle with such a large number of retired men and women all vying to ‘sign up’ for their choice of subject. These run from leisure interests across to more serious credited subjects.

My first choice was Basic Psychology and over the next two years I learned about such things as the Milgram Experiment, the findings of which remain applicable today. This was followed by 18 months doing Forensic
Psychology, finding out how to recognise what a Personality Disorder is and just how interesting it can be, again applicable today.

My last course was two years on Creative  Writing, which was excellent and identified a skill previously unacknowledged.  All subjects are informative and presented superbly. In addition, there is the opportunity
to socialise with others in a meaningful way.  Obviously coffee mornings and barbeques have a place but remember the maxim: “You only get out as much as you are willing to put in”.

So my advice to those looking for something different? Carpe Diem! (Seize the day!).
(Incidentally, I have obtained 130 credits so far.)

PHB – Hanover Owner Occupier

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