Self-Service Password Reset Tool

These steps can be used to reset your Microsoft 365 Password. This can be used if your password has expired, or you have forgotten your password.

For this process to work you will need to have you MFA device (mobile phone or dongle) to perform these steps. This will take up to 30 minutes to sync fully.

1- Browse to the following URL –

2- Enter your Microsoft 365 address (username used to log onto the computer followed by e.g. then confirm the code shown and click next.
3- Select ‘I’ve forgotten my password’ and click next

Depending on your MFA setup, Authenticator app or dongle/token follow the corresponding steps below

Authenticator App

– Select the option to ‘Approve a notification on my authenticator app’ and click ‘Send Notification’
– Confirm the shown number on the Authenticator App on your mobile device
Proceed to step 4


– Select the option to Enter a code from my authenticator appthen enter the number displayed on your Dongle/Token. Once entered click ‘Next’
– Select the number you wish to receive the Text Verification on and click ‘Next
Proceed to step 4

4- Confirm your Mobile Number shown on screen and click Text
5- Enter the Code received in the text and click Next
6- Enter and Confirm your New Password and click Finish. Please see the bellow for guidance allowed password choice. Remember this will take up to 30 minutes to sync across all systems.

Password Guidance


Property Requirements
Characters allowed A – Z (Upper Case)
a – z (Lower Case)
0 – 9 (Numbers)
@ # % ^ & * – _ ! + = [ ] { } | \ : ‘ , . ? / ` ~ ” ( ) ; < > (Special Characters)
Characters not allowed Unicode characters

£ $

Password restrictions A minimum of 12 characters and a maximum of 256 characters.

Requires three out of four of the following types of characters:

– Lowercase characters
– Uppercase characters
– Numbers (0-9)
– Symbols (see the previous password restrictions)
– You Cannot use your Name
– You cannot use the last 13 passwords you have used

Password expiry duration Default value: 45 days.


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