Choose a specialised factoring agent that genuinely cares

Hanover is Scotland’s largest not-for-profit factoring agent for older people. We offer bespoke services to developments across Scotland and draw on our extensive experience of looking after the ever-changing needs of older people.

Like other agents, we can manage all common parts of your development, including grounds and gardens. We’ll work with you to create an affordable and realistic maintenance plan. We keep you closely informed about progress of any work, consulting you on all issues relating to maintenance, repairs and the timescales for completion.

But in addition, we also offer specialised services designed to ensure residents can remain as independent at home for as long as possible. This includes:

  • Help with security and safety;
  • Provision of on site staff; connection to our community alarm services; and
    counselling, support and advice

Most importantly, we appreciate that no two places are the same. We tailor our services to the needs of each housing development. We work closely with you to ensure the service we deliver is exactly what’s needed – at a price that suits you.

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