Repairs and maintenance

A reliable repairs reporting service from the experts

Hanover Commercial Repairs Reporting lets your customers report a repair by phone, text or email – whether your offices are open or closed.

No matter what time of day, our highly trained operators – backed up by state-of-the-art facilities – will log the calls and liaise with your own contractors as necessary to attend to repairs within your required timescales. The service seamlessly integrates with your procedures and is tailored to suit your exact needs – all whilst giving your clients a first class service.

Robust and reliable

We’re the only organisation of our kind to operate two concurrent call centres. As well as minimising potential disruption from power outages or failure of telephone exchanges, our greater connection capacity ensures we will answer your calls faster.

Reports tailored for you – when you want them

Our reporting suite lets you access statistics when you need them. You choose when and how often you would like to receive automated reports, or you can request specific reports at any time. The reports detail call history, statistics and other key information relating to each call. You can choose the format of the reports as well as who receives them, leaving you free to concentrate on monitoring quality procedures and ensuring you meet your repairs targets.

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