Benefits and money advice

Money can feel like a taboo subject but making the most of your money and looking at ways to save can not only help you enjoy more things in the present but also helps you save for your future.

Benefits – Are you getting all the money you are entitled to?

The first thing to do is get a financial health check. This is a service carried out by Citizen’s Advice Bureaus where they carry out a benefit check for you to make sure you are receiving everything you are entitled to, you may be pleasantly surprised. They will also offer assistance in applying for benefits and money advice if you need it. You can find out where your local Citizen’s Advice Bureau is by visiting the website at or calling them on:

0808 800 1007

Money – Looking after your money?

How good are your finances? Do you know? It’s important to always know how much you have coming in against how much is going out.

If you want to make sure you are managing your money well you can contact the Money Advice Service. They offer clear unbiased information and advice about pensions, saving, borrowing and budgeting. Visit the website at or contact them on:

0800 138 777

Hanover has employed a Welfare Rights Officer whose role is to make sure that people are aware of any benefits available to them and help them access necessary services to apply for what they are entitled to. The officer will also be offering assistance to residents who are looking to apply for disability benefits as this process can be quite intimidating and complicated to complete but can be essential to help people live independently.

There are regular updates in our newsletter and on social media on any changes to benefits, new initiatives and ways for residents to save money by providing regular updates in this newsletter and on our social media sites.

The Welfare Rights Officer is available to help support individuals to maximise their income, budget more effectively and sustain any repayment agreements with Hanover.

If you have any concerns about money, your first point of contact should be your housing officer or development manager. They will be able to point you in the right direction for advice and support.

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