Charlie (and Walton the dog)

Thankfully Walton stayed at home when Charlie abseiled 151 feet down the Forth Rail Bridge. Of course, this is no mean feat – but for Charlie, who’s deaf and blind, it was especially courageous.

Charlie has a rare condition – called Ushers Syndrome – and was born deaf. He had no idea he until his eyesight started getting worse in his 30s. As a bus driver, his life was turned upside down as he had to register as blind.

Back to the abseiling. For the big day, Charlie was given a wee hand along the walkway, but once he was harnessed in and given his instructions, he was on his own. He tells us he “landed very gracefully on my bum” – but raised a fantastic amount of money for Deaf Blind UK and Chest Heart and Stroke Scotland.

Charlie lives in sheltered housing in Falkirk. Find out more about our sheltered housing here.

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