“I knit cardigans for premature babies at the children’s hospital.

“I’ve been knitting them for 23 years and each takes about a day and a half. I’ve always loved knitting and used to make Arran sweaters, but found years ago  I couldn’t knit heavier items any more because of a shoulder injury. I really missed it, so when I heard my church were looking for people to knit cardigans I jumped at the chance. One of the sisters at the hospital pops by every couple of months to pick up a batch. I even visited the unit once – it’s a wonderful place.

“I’ve lived in the area for 40 years and am very happy here. It’s a friendly place and I enjoy being on first name terms with all of my neighbours. We also have regular bingo nights. There are shops really nearby and I feel reassured to have the safety net of my community alarm should anything happen.”

Moira lives in Hanover’s sheltered housing in Glasgow. Find out more here.

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